The most loyal dog in this family protected the lesser member of the family with his behavior

Positive Schwingungen

Kilian, the German shepherd Loulou, was a typical member of the family.

This devoted and giving dog is loved by the entire household.

Finn’s parents, who were both working, had to locate a nanny for their son when he was just a year old because they were both employed.

Alexis, a 22-year-old woman, was the babysitter.

Every time the nanny arrived home, the normally amiable dog turned practically hostile. Parents started to worry a lot. Their puppy’s conduct was strange in various ways.

They made the decision to employ a ruse in order to determine the root of the dog’s hostility toward this female.

They possessed a worn-out tape recorder that could record audio. The partners hid it under the sofa before leaving for work.

They listened to the recording that night after they got back.

The outcome surprised me. Along with the nanny’s screams, there were other strange noises.

The young child was taken to the hospital by his terrified parents for an examination. Thankfully, the young boy was unharmed.

The baby’s parents were very appreciative of their dog’s kindness!

It was clear that this story might take an unfortunate turn if their canine companion hadn’t been on guard.

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