The old grandmother’s house was renovated for 16,000: It is now a beautiful and comfortable house

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What is the history of your tiny abode, then? My husband’s grandparents constructed a storage building that now serves as our little home back in the 1980s.

It was abandoned for many years until we made the decision to turn it into our ideal tiny house in September 2020.

With the assistance of a local contractor, we refurbished the small house primarily on our own. From beginning to end, it took us 9 months and cost us about $16,000.

We have two girls and live in a tiny house full-time. We chose to live small because we were sick of renting and wanted a place we could call „our own.“

We decided to live in the tiny house to save money while we are now remodeling our forever home, which is another reason.

Furthermore, we’ve been enjoying living in a tiny house for the past year and a half, but we’re ready to move into our permanent house.

After we find our forever home, the tiny house will shortly be available for short-term rentals!

It was a blast to transform an old shed into our ideal tiny house, and I’ll always be appreciative of the chance.

Do you have any further information to share with us about your small home or your forthcoming projects, trips, or goals?

Our neighborhood is one of rapid growth in Round Top, Texas. The largest antique fair is held twice a year in Round Top and Warrenton, and hundreds of people attend. It’s amazing.

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