The parents are shocked: a baby who is two months old can already get up and walk

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Parents are astounded that their two-month-old infant can already stand and walk.

Terza Finn-Johnston, 31, a new father, claims to have the „strongest girl in the world“ in jest.

This is due to the fact that in late January, baby Lula was able to stand up at the age of 8 weeks.

Terza and his fiancée Emily Derrick, 23, who both reside in Bristol, England, claim that as soon as they left the maternity unit, they recognized the strength of the child.

Unlike other infants, Lula could sustain the weight of his own head at the age of barely five days.

The parents‘ shock as the infant stands upright at eight weeks is pretty amazing to see.

When the infant was approximately a month old, according to Tezra, he attempted to sit her up so she would stop wailing during a particularly stressful moment.

However, „instead of sitting up, she just stood on my lap and didn’t bend his legs,“ he claims.

After doing so multiple times over the ensuing weeks, Lula was able to support her own weight when she was two months old and her father was attempting to hold and support her.

Everyone claims that her ability to maintain herself—even when sitting down, let alone while standing up—is pretty unique, he told The Sun.

Although Lula is currently unable to walk, her parents believe she will soon be able to.

Like other parents, mum Emily quips, she doesn’t want her daughter to grow up too quickly.

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