The photographer paid for the children’s education: how they have changed since going to school

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Even if they would prefer to sit at their desks and pay attention to the teachers, thousands of students who reside in Bangladesh report to work with the sun’s first rays.

Naturally, this isn’t the result of a nice life; rather, many families are seeking for ways to make at least a little money for food.

Unfortunately, child labor is a given in this nation. Undoubtedly, improvements are occurring, albeit extremely slowly.

Even GM, a writer and photographer, was unable to cope with the circumstances.

Dhaka native B. Akash The man is 43 years old, and for 15 of those years, he has actively participated in raising awareness of the condition of the citizens of this country in every manner he can.

The majority of his royalties and earnings from the sale of his books and images go toward aiding impoverished families.

Akash was able to persuade the parents of 20 children he encountered in the Dhaka slums about the value of education.

They were not permitted to work, but they were permitted to attend school as long as the photographer covered the cost of their tuition as well as the cost of their uniforms, books, and meals.

Additionally, he will be required to provide the family the money the kids would have earned on a monthly basis.

Akash likes to remark, „As one person, you can’t change the world, but you can alter one person’s world.“

The guy did not hold grudges because the children’s grins made everything worthwhile.

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