The photographer showed the owners of the most unusual eyes in the world

Positive Schwingungen

These are most likely the brightest, most expressive, and strangest photographs of human eyes ever captured. The entire planet is confined inside two diamonds that are coming to life.

It can be a world of sorrow, suffering, and loss sometimes, a world of love and joy other times, or just a magnificent sliver of ancient wisdom. Nobody, however, could stare at those eyes and stay unmoved.

Perhaps they aren’t even people? Specifically, those whose bodies were taken over by higher forces or who developed into guides to the spirit world? If not, where does all this power, purity, and beauty come from?

Of course, there is always a dull, practical explanation for every circumstance: the photographer wasted an entire day getting ready, getting the ideal shot, and taking innumerable photos.

Prior to that, I spent months hunting for a good guy. However, don’t we want to believe more in fairy tales?

What about these folks, if the eyes are the mirror of the human soul? Or did the odd gene mix that gave this person abnormal eyes just happen to be a coincidental coincidence?

And if that’s the case, won’t scientific advancements enable us to mimic nature’s whim and give everyone such gorgeous eyes?

Let them resemble one another at least slightly; there will undoubtedly be training rooms where gorgeous eyes can be „puffed up“ like biceps or buttocks in the future. Not using plastic surgery or chemistry.

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