The pilot’s confession during the flight has been viewed 20 million times

Positive Schwingungen

We have a special passenger with us, the pilot announced over an American Capital Airlines flight.

„If you were a Capital Airlines flight worker, please raise your hand,“ he continued.

A senior passenger who had been a flight companion for nearly 60 years replied. I love you, Mom, the pilot said as he approached the woman as he entered the corridor.

The woman was unable to contain her tears or her emotions.

She said, „You had the best father in the entire world.“ Then she announced to the individuals seated next to them, „His father was a pilot.“

The daughter, who also works for the airline, took the footage. Over 20 million people have already viewed the video.

Here is some response that some viewers have sent regarding that touching video: Excellent thought, son.

(To our parents, we are always children.) Every mother deserves the respect, admiration, and love of her children.

I enjoy this video.

Nothing is more pleasurable than publicly showing your mother how much you care. It is quite wonderful. This man is a great son.

I fly airplanes. I also astonished my mother in that way. It makes me happy to see how happy your mother is.

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