The police officer spots sick bear cub stuck on road and risks life to save him

Interessante Gerüchte

New Hampshire is home to 5000 bears and is hence thought to be a specific woodland habitat for bears, known as the White Mountain National Park.

When state trooper Thomas Owens saw a bear baby in distress, he got out of his patrol cruiser and saw a mom grizzly.

And four other cubs walk back and forth across the road, which drew his attention.

He stared for a while until he saw that one of the cubs was falling back and his mother was doing her best to encourage her youngster to keep up with her and the other cubs.

The child was unwilling to move and also halted in the middle of the road as his mother sought to help him walk.

But the cub was too weak to stand up again.

The mother attempted, but instead she brought the other three cubs and also carried them into the forest, keeping the weak one behind.

Owens, who witnessed this, wanted to help the ill cub, so he contacted New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.

He waited with bated breath, knowing that if the mother bear returned, he would be in big danger.

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