The poor boy who used a plastic bag to make the Messi shirt gets the real one from his idol

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That’s exactly what a five-year-old youngster accomplished when he used plastic bags to create a replica of his favorite player Messi’s T-shirt.

An Aussie cousin took pictures of the young nephew and put them online.

The user was amazed by the boy’s inventiveness. To gift the infant a genuine Argentina shirt, they then went seeking him.

A flash mob was assembled to look for the youngster, but it was very difficult to locate him. When the youngster was eventually located, it was discovered that he was an Afghan named Murtaza.

As a mere farmer, his father is unable to provide the youngster with a proper T-shirt.

Dad, however, naturally expects that Murtaza will receive a T-shirt from his hero as a gift. After all, he is a huge fan of both football and Lionel Messi!

Messi said he was willing to give a young fan a T-shirt as compensation. Obviously, if he could be located.

All was okay in the end. It wasn’t Messi’s shirt that was given to the youngster through UNICEF; instead, it was a little t-shirt created especially for the Argentina national team.

But Messi signed it, which gave Murtaza enormous joy and made the other lads in the area envious.

As we wait, we can admire young Murtaza playing soccer on a real field while wearing a genuine T-shirt.

He might even be selected to join a legitimate football team and eventually represent Afghanistan as a player.

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