The portraits of black girls with incredible natural hair inspire others not to be ashamed of their natural beauty

Interessante Gerüchte

All of us have natural beauty, it just needs to be properly emphasized.

Regis and Karan, husband and wife of the Creative Soul team, have done just that, especially for young black girls.

Focusing on their hair, the duo created Afro Art, a series of magnificent portraits that have made a great impression on the audience.

Beautiful photos show girls in simple elegant dresses with hairstyles from the Baroque period (approximately 1600-1750) and in modern and stylish outfits.

„We believe it’s very important for black girls to see positive images, it’s important for them to like themselves and feel confident,“ Karan told journalists.

„Unfortunately, the lack of diversity and embedded stereotypes often don’t play out positively, leading to low self-esteem in girls.“

„We hope that the audience sees the beauty and versatility of afro hair,

and we really hope that girls all around the world are inspired and love their unique differences and inner beauty.“

Regis and Karan worked on a series of photographs in different states of America and, despite careful preparation, the duo managed to maintain a level of spontaneity.

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