The quintet that caused a stir years ago have grown up: look what they look like now

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The babies were born in the maternity center in Odessa four years ago. Today, we’re going to share some adorable and heartwarming images of this lovely family.

Millions of women are inspired by Oksana Kobeletskaya. She held onto her husband’s hands even after he had left.

Six children were successfully raised by her on her own. After all, the kids still have an older sister who is an accomplished adult.

She had to pick up new skills, including minibus driving, because there were so many kids showing up.

She is now able to drive her family about and to various destinations for errands.

Furthermore, she was competent enough to renovate the home well.

Most significantly, she launched a blog and began telling other women about her experience.

The kids have grown up now. Each child now displayed their individuality.

They are currently in kindergarten.

In her account, Oksana allows you to track the family’s life and developments. She just conducted an intriguing photo shoot for her kids.

The images appeared instantly on Oksana’s page.

Take a look at this prosperous and content mother of six. Children are a continuation of life.

That’s the truth of life, which is the meaning of life.

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