The smallest couple in the world who won the great love of the whole world: how is their life now

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Love knows no bounds. She has the ability to unite people and make them joyful. Brazilian couple Paulo Barros and Katyusia Hoshino are one illustration. They are dwarfs because they are less than 90 centimeters tall.

They first connected online in 2006. Paulo was immediately taken with Katyusia, but she blocked him since she found him to be intrusive.

However, she unblocked the man after 18 months. After four years, they started living together after first starting to communicate, then meeting.

She accepted Paulo’s proposal in 2016, and on September 18 of that same year, they were married. T

hey quickly rose to fame since their marriage attracted the attention of the media. As the world’s shortest pair, they were also listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Currently, they have a YouTube channel where they post scrumptious meals and beauty tips (Katyusia owns a beauty salon). They already have more than 500,000 members on their channel.

After receiving his license, Paulo established himself as the world’s shortest driver. Of course, a man’s height is appropriate for the machine. He is an attorney’s secretary.

Although the couple isn’t yet parents, they greatly desire and intend to have many children.

The pair claims that their deep love for one another, which enables them to overcome any challenges, is the key to their happiness.

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