The story of a brilliant little gypsy Nicole who has an IQ higher than Einstein

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Nicole Barr, a gypsy girl who has spent her entire life wandering the vast lands of Brittany, managed to confound the world’s scientists at the age of 13 with her intelligence.

Dolly Buckland and James Barr, a married couple, continue the customs of the gypsy camp by moving around frequently.

They traveled all over the island in their trailer as members of their community, which presumably added variety and fresh experiences to their life.

However, the girl was now without secure employment at the school. After 14 different schools, she still had more to do.

Her father once invited her to take a computerized intelligence test out of curiosity.

James was puzzled by the outcome of 162 points; he attributed it to a technological fault because he didn’t believe it.

However, the young genius’s life was altered by another action.

Nicole had to retake an IQ test in order to enroll in Burnt Mill Academy in Essex.

The world’s two most brilliant minds, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking were defeated by a teen girl from a nomadic gypsy camp by a score of two.

Numerous interviews with her parents revealed that Nicole was intelligent from a young age.

From the age of 2, she was able to solve easy math problems, and by the age of 10, she could effortlessly solve algebraic equations.

Nicole gains by receiving a thorough education and interacting with her peers. She is devoted to the theater and takes mathematics seriously.

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