The story of a couple who got married at 100 and 103: it is really amazing

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A peculiar married couple resides in Ohio, a US state. John Cook, who recently got married, is 100 years old, and Phyllis is 103 years old.

The marriage was recently celebrated. A week ago, a very elderly couple went to the local courthouse asking for the possibility of getting married. They were told they could do it now.

The story of a couple who got married at 100 and 103.

Cook later recalled that after asking them to sign immediately, he thought it was OK. The two knowingly married each other. They had been dating for more than a year and had decided in advance to legally consolidate their relationship.

And Phyllis, commenting on a wonderful event for them, said that they were truly in love with each other.

All old people have had a kindred spirit in the past. But life wanted John and Phyllis to be left alone. And now they are just happy because they found each other and feel love for each other.

Cook noted that they are both very happy with their communication and the time they spend together. In fact, they have many things in common.

They rest together and often have dinner in restaurants. Even with special scooters, they navigate the long corridors of the nursing home.

The story of a couple who got married at 100 and 103.

But sometimes they rely on each other. They each have their own apartment. When they want to, they live there alone for a while.

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