The story of a happy couple whose ages are 30 years apart

Wesley Strazzabosco and Vince first connected online. They came from Little Rock, Arkansas.

The couple is quite content and cordial, despite the fact that the husband is 54 and the wife is only 24.

Wesley claims she has always had a fascination with older males and has been looking for a trustworthy guardian, while Vince claims she educates and mentors the family.

Wesley and Vince fell in love and thought that their age gap wouldn’t prevent them from getting married. They have been dating for three years now.

They recently gave birth to a daughter.

Vince is a „Disneyland Fan“. He actually agreed with him on that issue, as did Wesley.

I admired her blonde hair, her kind smile, and the fact that she enjoyed Disney just as much as I do,“ he recalls.

Prior to this, Wesley had never dated a young woman, but the opportunity presented itself. He had no idea that this connection would develop into something significant or last for so long, but it did.

Wesley has never tried to hide the fact that she prefers older men.

She wanted a man to help her fill the emotional void left in her life after her father passed away when she was a little girl.

Not long ago, the family welcomed a new baby. The couple had been advised by doctors that it was doubtful they would be able to have children.

Just picture the girl’s parents‘ joy and pride right now.

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