The story of Siamese twins: how do the incredible sisters live and what do they do

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Unique children were born in 1990. Siamese twins, the Hensel sisters.

Parents chose not to make any changes because they were afraid to submit their kids to the separation operation.

The girls‘ physicians were not optimistic that they would live long lives from the moment they were born, yet they managed to go through a difficult time and are still in perfect health now.

Because Abby and Brittany grew accustomed to one another, they flatly denied ever parting ways.

Twins in real life have completely different personalities and worldviews. While Brittany enjoys going on walks and being outside, Abby is a homebody and prefers to spend her free time at home.

Girls used to dispute a lot since they had different interests as children, but today they know how to reach a compromise


The sisters‘ choices of clothing for themselves also differ. After receiving new items, they must be adjusted to fit the girls‘ sizes.

While completing their respective tasks, our heroes completed their final exams at school. The teachers also made sure the sisters did not support one another.

Nowadays, elementary school teachers are often female. Each received a unique license, but Abby and Brittany are paid jointly.

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