The touching rescues story of the border Collie: he hugs everyone he meets


Olive has come a long way. This dog found abandoned in a shed was terrified of humans. The volunteers worked hard to help him regain peace and confidence.

Supported by an association, a dog who was afraid of humans has turned into a concentrate of tenderness, hugging everyone she meets. She is now waiting to find a loving family, Belfast Live reported on Wednesday April 6.

The Rainbow Rehoming Center team, whose shelter is in Eglinton in Northern Ireland, had a lot to do with Olive, a female Border Collie abandoned on a farm.

A farmer had discovered her in one of his sheds, locked up and terrified. She didn’t let anyone approach her and systematically hid herself, trembling with fear.

Taken to the shelter, she had to relearn how to trust others and help her regain her serenity.

The volunteers took the time to gain his trust by offering treats and talking to him. 2 days after her arrival, she let 2 of them into her box.

Then, a fortnight later, the rest of the team could finally approach him.

“She shows her love by putting her paws around the waist of the volunteers”

“Olive is the most loving dog you will ever meet and it has been a joy to watch her personality blossom into the happy animal she is today,” says Co Derry, Rainbow Rehoming Center spokesperson.

She shows her love by putting her paws around the waist of the volunteers to give hugs.

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