The touching story of three pairs of twins born on the same day from the same woman

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The Cosinix family is made up of three sets of twins who all arrived on the same day, totaling six young ones! They also unexpectedly and no less dramatically appeared in this household.

The Cosinix family of Wisconsin, in the United States, has long wished for more children.

Their ambitions to have children naturally and subsequently adopt a few others were not meant to be realized.

A phone call settled everything.

Four years ago, they received a call from an unidentified woman who said she was expecting twins but couldn’t care for them because she didn’t have enough money.

She inquired as to whether the Cosinix might be cared for in order to nurture these young. It’s unclear how she got their number, but the family immediately consented.

On February 28, 2014, the twins were delivered. Aladdin and Kenna were a boy and a girl.

The young ones were promptly adopted by the parents.However, it was later discovered that the mother also gave birth to twins on February 28, 2013.

The young ones were given the names Jay and Ci.

After a few years, the same woman phoned the Cosinix once more. Although it seemed inconceivable, she was once more expecting twins.

The parents also took in a third set of the young children. Their family now consists of six brothers and sisters.

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