The twin sisters who weighed 266 and 274 kg have lost weight beyond recognition

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Acting quickly was required to stop endangering life!

Candy and Brandi have battled stress eating issues since they were young.

The girls found comfort in sweets as a result of the constant lack of attention from their parents, and they eventually grew accustomed to it.

In order to keep the kids occupied and prevent them from interfering with their parents‘ personal activities, the mom and dad eventually started feeding the kids fast food.

And the worst part is that the weight kept increasing throughout puberty, when each female already weighed more than 100 kg.

Later, Candy and Brandi clashed with their parents, leading to the girls‘ departure.

Unfortunately, the start of an independent existence had no impact on their eating. To support themselves, the sisters obtained jobs as sales clerks.

However, despite having a job, neither sister followed a healthy diet and instead indulged in fast food, sweets, and beverages sweetened with soda.

The girls gained weight over time to the point where they were unable to work and were as sloppy as possible.

Brandi and Candy started to experience health problems.

When everyone’s weight began to rise above 250 kg, they made the decision to seek assistance from the well-known TV program.

And so started a protracted and challenging journey toward health.

The sisters received care from the best specialists; a nutritionist recommended a diet, and psychologists started working with them.

Over time, losing weight became the sister’s only priority.

The pounds began to disappear.

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