The twins’ unique looks have caught the world’s attention: this is what they look like now

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Megan and Morgan Boyd rose to fame as the „Blue Twins“ when they were just four years old after their mother posted pictures of them on Instagram.

The twins‘ distinctive appearance has captured everyone’s attention. The twins currently have over 184,000 Instagram fans.

Stephanie, the mother, came up with the names of the sisters. She was the first to start referring to them as the „Blue Twins“ because of their distinctive blue eyes.

Morgan, one of the twins, has a somewhat different appearance due to the fact that her right eye is dark brown rather than blue.

At the age of nine, girls appear like this. The mother claimed she enjoys providing her daughters with new clothing and accessories.

Some people think that sisters wear contacts, although they might have been born with blue eyes due to a rare gene.

Even though Stephanie, the mother of the blue twins, has blue eyes, she adamantly denies ever wearing contact lenses.

Stefani is still an enigma despite the fact that her girls are now widely known online.

Although she is aware that Morgan and Megan’s natural charm may lead to modeling careers, she doesn’t want to pressure her children to pursue it.

Everything points to these sisters becoming extraordinarily well-known women.

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