The university authorities decided to honor the dog with a diploma: it caught everyone’s attention

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Griffin, a golden dog, attracted everyone’s attention when its owner brought him to a university graduation celebration in New York State.

The 25-year-old Brittany Hawley uses a wheelchair due to persistent disease.

For the past four years, Griffin has been a trustworthy friend and supporter.

The pet is able to open doors, turn on lights, and fetch items that are required. Brittany has found relief thanks to the dog.

Griffin accompanied Brittany when she traveled to Potsdam, New York, to participate in school.

Throughout the girl’s university education, it was constantly there.

The outcome was a dog barking hoarsely while wearing a cap and gown at an academic event.

Griffin and I moved to Potsdam, New York, to attend college two years ago, Brittany stated on her social media account.

When we got to the new place, we learned how to look out for one another in the strange surroundings.

This thrilling experience has ended today. I have realized my dream and received my occupational therapy master’s degree!

I can’t wait to take Griffin on another trip.

For the past two and a half years, we have been unable to be separated. We have fresh opportunities now!

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