The whole family started wearing bicycle helmets to support the little boy: a touching story

Interessante Gerüchte

As you are aware, every baby is born with an unfinished head.

It’s not frightening, though, since as the baby grows, everything returns to normal.

But sadly, things were a little bit different with Jonas Gutierras.

She was given the diagnosis with plagiocephaly, or the distortion of the head, at the age of eight weeks. The young lad needs to fix things to

wear a special hat on a regular basis. The family’s eldest daughter, who felt terribly bad for her brother, went in search of and put on a cycling hard hat.

Parents were so amazed by their daughter’s actions that the father of the family quickly put on a bicycle hard hat.

And gradually, to protect the young boy, the entire family came to don helmets.

Following the Gutierras‘ social media posting of these images, numerous fans who had family members suffering from the same illness began sending them photos of their families wearing bicycle caps.

We are hoping the infant will improve soon. The love and support of your family are ultimately what matters most in any situations. If you are surrounded by a loving and supporting family, you can conquer anything.

Love and warmth can save the world.

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