The woman gave birth to quadruplets: 14 years old girls are very similar to their mother

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We’re always happy to see twins. But Julia has great luck.

After all, a woman gave birth to identical quarters.

It is known that the probability of becoming a mother of at least twins is only 2%.

But Julia received a huge compliment from nature in the form of four twin daughters.

The woman became pregnant in the usual way.

Everything was fine, but at the first ultrasound, the doctors advised to terminate the pregnancy.

They could not say with certainty that healthy girls would be born.

Since the twins developed in the same placenta.

But this did not frighten the expectant mother at all, so she was against any intervention.

The quadruplets were born prematurely by cesarean section.

Two of the girls were healthy, and the other two were tiny. But the sisters quickly gained weight.

Every day, the twin girls became similar to each other.

They all had cute golden curls, and Julia, the mother, also wore them in the same clothes.

Therefore, no one could pass by the sisters. It seemed to be one child.

Now, 14-year-old girls are very similar to their mother. Like the woman, the sisters wear glasses.

Funny baby curls remained, but the hair darkened.

The girls are very different in character, but the external ones are almost identical.

Furthermore, it is difficult for a stranger to distinguish quadruplets from each other.

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