The woman gave birth to ten children in ten years and her house looks like a nursery

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An American woman who had a child every year for ten years has now passed the milestone; she and her husband have ten children altogether.

The woman forgets what it feels like to walk „without a stomach“ because the couple is surrounded by strollers, diapers, and infants.

The family, however, has further plans and must have at least another two children.

According to the Daily Mail, 36-years old Courtney Rogers from New Mexico, USA, has ten babies from her husband and wants to have twelve more.

She met priest Chris Rogers in 2007 while attending a religious camp, and she soon recognized he was her soul mate.

After a year of the distance between them, the couple got engaged, and Courtney moved in with her chosen one.

Since the birth of their first child in 2010, Kourtney and Chris have continued to have children—they currently have six boys and four girls. The kids are all homeschooled; none of them attend school.

The kids did like their parents did in this regard; Courtney and Chris also received all of their education at home.

The woman believes that keeping an eye on a child’s upbringing is more convenient for her

According to Courtney Daily Mail, „I like that they spend all of their time next to me, I like to watch them study and know what they learn.“

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