The woman had been keeping a big secret for 35 years: let’s see what is the great secret she kept in herself

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The woman had been keeping a big secret for 35 years, her family also did not know that the woman was keeping her secret carefully.

The 42-year-old woman was blind. She was looking for a lot of methods to deal with the loss of vision. The woman suffered for a long time.

Unfortunately, she had a genetic disease of the connective tissue of the body which can affect the heart, lungs, bones, and even the eyes.

The disease was discovered when the woman was still a little girl who was three years old. The girl was stressed. From this time began the hard period for the girl.

It was very difficult for her parents to see their daughter who was blind. The years passed very quickly, and one day the woman decided to look for a way out.

She was in need. She needed urgent help. She felt handicapped because she couldn’t do anything. A labradorite dog became his guide animal.

At school, his friends laughed and made fun of him saying triple glazing because of his thick glasses.

The woman to make people believe she could see consisted of remembering the smell of people. She knew them all with their scent.

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