The woman is raising 14 children alone: 8 of whom were born at the same time

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Rarely does news about a mother who gave birth to 14 children make the news?

When the issue of children under the age of eight being born came up, Nadya rose to fame. He had eight twins.

It soon became apparent that the woman was expecting a kid, and that the child’s birth was actually inevitable. Nadia had already given birth to six children before this one, so it wasn’t her first.

The mother made the choice to deliver all the twins. Nadia acknowledges that managing so many children is not simple.

Because a family requires up to $5,000 a month, there isn’t always enough money. Many people casually pose a query.

Many people casually pose a query. Why do you require kids? Nadia also gives a harsh reply. We require them.

He also has a sizable following of online-only followers. He participated in the production of movies aimed at adults.

However, she has committed herself to raise her children, and those lessons are now long forgotten.

The twins are actively assisting their mother with domestic tasks now that they are older, and they appear to be contented kids.

Nadia is content with her life, and when she needs to unwind and relax, she works out at the gym.

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