The women didn’t want to spend their old age alone and built this house for 7 people

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As people mature, they come to understand that being alone can be really uncomfortable.

Seven close friends from Guangzhou, China, were concerned that they might become or appear lonely as they age.

Are in a nursing facility. They all agreed to create their own retirement home because they have been together for a very long period. They actually carried out a rather bizarre notion.

Furthermore, they purchased a 700-square-meter-old house and renovated it into their personal retirement residence.

Because they all had temporary jobs, they were able to thoroughly remodel the ancient house on a very tight budget.

To symbolize their long lives, they decided to paint the entire exterior of the house white.

They also desired to construct a pleasant space in the yard. A location where they could spend their favorite evenings.

Growing old together was the greatest for them because of how much they valued each other.

Their home was close to some hills. The original house was converted into a two-story retirement residence for the seven girlfriends.

They knew who would sleep in which bedroom because the house has large, individually furnished bedrooms, and the living area is equally large and ready for any design.

They also had the idea for a separate tearoom, which was later implemented.

The elegant mood of the home was enhanced by the lovely wall paintings. These women have been in touch for a long time.

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