The young woman works as a crane operator, but she always feels observed by her male colleagues

Interessante Gerüchte

There are people who choose their professions from childhood and often manage to fulfill their dreams.

This 19-year-old Irish girl, named Kate Fahey, never dreamt of the job she’s doing now.

The work of a crane operator attracted her so much that she started learning this trade. Having become a skilled construction technician, she no longer dreams of other professions.

Being on a crane high up dozens of meters gives her an inexplicable pleasure. But Kate notices that she is always the center of attention for her male colleagues.

Not just the construction workers, but also strangers are very surprised when they see the girl working on the crane.

Typically, strangers ask if she’s qualified to be there. Kate explains that to become a crane operator, you must first have a strong character.

And this quality will help become a competent specialist.

When she shares her photos taken during her work, young people write that they want to know why she chose this career.

The girl responds that there are no secrets, she simply fell in love with this job.

„When I climbed the crane for the first time, I decided not to give up,“ Kate responds.

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