Their dog jumps out of the car window as they drive at almost 100 km/h: the most curious dog ever


During a car trip, the owners of a German Shepherd had a bad surprise. A window being rolled down, the animal jumped and fled.

Jojo’s masters have a habit of keeping a window open when on the road.

The 2-year-old German Shepherd has always had impeccable behavior when traveling by car. Until the day he had the sudden urge to stretch his legs…

The vehicle was traveling at nearly 100 km/h on a highway when the accident happened.

The animal jumped out of the window, fell to the ground and fled into the night, reports the British daily Mirror in an article published on April 5, 2022. Stunned, the couple stopped dead in their tracks to recover the fugitive.

Long hours of searching in ditches, tall grass and woods unfortunately came to nothing. Jojo could not be found, much to the chagrin of his family. “It has now been 8 hours of searching and no sign of him,” said his relatives, upset by this terrible situation.

After a night of beatings, they posted a desperate plea for help on Facebook.

“We received a message that he was seen around 7 a.m., walking along the road,” added his owner, relieved to learn that his 4-legged friend was still alive. Glimmer of hope.

In addition to communicating on social media, the couple dropped off food at the spot where they had been observed recently.

Later in the day, the anguish finally gave way to joy: Jojo was found by his family on the side of the road. The canine, which had been wandering for a long time, sported a bump on its head and scratches on its legs. These have been disinfected.

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