Their total weight was almost 550 kg: the twin sisters were able to lose weight

Positive Schwingungen

Twin sisters Candy and Brandy were 29 years old when they weighed 266 and 274 kilograms.

In addition, the weight of the girls increased every day. And it was getting harder and harder for them to take care of themselves and get around independently.

So all their childhood, they ate everything they had, just to survive. When they grew up, the only way out was fast food.

In addition, only high-calorie foods brought pleasure and satiety to girls.

They couldn’t pull themselves together, and it wasn’t until they were 29 that they began to realize that it could all end badly.

Only the fear of death made them think and began to lose weight, but for this they turned to the show, in which people like Candy and Brandy were helped to start a new life.

As a result, during a month of participation in the project, the girls lost about 30 kilograms each. And later both decided on an operation to reduce the stomach.

Unfortunately, during the operation, Candy, who had heart problems, fell into a coma and was on the verge of life or death.

Brandy prayed for her sister’s health, and her prayers were answered! Candy came to her senses!

Thus, in one year of effort, the girls have lost up to 100 kilos! It was a very good start,

after which they could not stop and continued to improve.

Well, the most important thing is that now the sisters‘ lives are no longer in danger and they feel happy!

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