These amazing dogs give their brother kisses just before saying their final goodbyes

Interessante Gerüchte

Patch, my childhood cat, was my best friend. He was close friends with Bonita, our dog.

They spent several years outside in the garden relaxing together.

They’d take sun naps together, chase birds together, wait for leftovers near the BBQ grill in the summer, and share the same water dish — Patch had his own but chose to use Bonita’s.

Patch was the runt of the litter, but he was also a bit of a ruffian, frequently getting into conflicts with the other neighborhood cats he loved harassing.

That’s when you could really see how close they were. Bonita would be beyond herself with fear, rushing around the yard wailing and urgently trying to get out, as though „I hear my homeboy in a battle!

Allow me to assist!“ Patch would then return to the yard triumphant, clutching a tuft of the other cat’s fur in his jaws.

Bonita would go up to him, whimpering and wagging her tail, kissing him.

Patch would swat her away, fresh off the high of another victorious battle, only to return a few minutes later with an enthusiastic headbutt.

When Patch died in 2010, Bonita was devastated for months.

My Uncle Max constantly told me as a child that animals are incredibly sensitive creatures that feel the same things humans do.

People may not always notice it, but they feel things profoundly and create strong bonds with one another – not only with people.

I will always dispute with anyone who claims differently, since dogs, like people, experience love and despair.

So, animal lovers, gather your tissues, because this story will undoubtedly tug at your emotions as it deals with the eternal love between dogs.

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