These photos prove dogs look like their owners: It is amazing and interesting

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Photographer Gerrard Getings is an English resident. He had an interesting suggestion that wasn’t so provided.

He wanted to demonstrate how much pets resemble their owners.

Furthermore, he bought a terrier puppy named Baxter in 2008, and after taking a picture of the two of them, he realized they looked a lot alike.

And so, a fresh concept emerged. Today, Gerrard is regarded as the world’s top wildlife photographer.

He employs the help of hairdressers and makeup artists to achieve the greatest results, but he feels that this merely enhances the overall appearance as the likeness is already apparent.

His project was so well received by all of them that they went on to develop a board game called.

„Do you look like your dog? Which will be available in stores in the early fall.

Surprisingly, Gérard’s subjects are all really relaxed and seem to relish the photographic process.

Look at how much they resemble their owners. You smile as a is very amazing and interesting to look like your pet or the opposite pet looks like to its owner.

Do you own any animals? Do you believe they resemble you? We’ll all look at their pictures if they post them in the comments.

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