These twin sisters were born completely different: And this is what they look like today

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Mom was so stunned for a little period of time that she even forgot how to move when newborn babies Lucy and Maria were brought to Mom to witness her daughters for the first time.

She was aware that she would give birth to twins. Twenty years later, that gap is even more pronounced.

The fact that identical twins were born is not odd enough in and of itself.

But the fact that one girl was a white girl with vivid red hair and blue eyes, while the other had brown eyes and dark skin naturally startled both parents.

Of course, the genes are to blame; dad Vince is all white and mom Donna is half black because she is from Jamaica.

However, the couple had had three children by this point, and they were all mulattoes.

In January 1997, Lucy and Maria Aylmer were born. „Mom couldn’t even believe we would be so different,“ one of the twins, Lucy, said.

So anyway, mom was just speechless when the midwife presented us to her. Our brothers‘ skin is mixed.

Lucy has very pale skin, blazing red hair, and sparkling blue eyes.

While Maria, her dark-skinned twin sister, has black hair and eyes.

The mother had always dressed the girls alike, but around the age of ten, Lucy and Maria suddenly understood that it was pointless to act like they were identical twins when they were so different from one another.

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