They are reunited: most loved stolen dog resurfaces 18 days later nearly 30 kilometers from home


After many twists and turns, Chiko’s owners finally found him safe and sound. This dog had been stolen 18 days earlier.

Burglars had taken advantage of their departure for a fake meeting where they were supposed to recover the French Bulldog, to break into their home and steal their property.

Two and a half weeks after she went missing, a stolen dog has been reunited with her own after being dropped off dozens of miles from her home, Global News reported.

Chiko, a French Bulldog, vanished on March . His owners Rachel Zacharias and Braden Fauchoux, who live in Saskatoon in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, had no leads despite their incessant research.

That day, they had received an anonymous call; at the other end of the line, the person gave them an appointment at 11 p.m. local time in Martensville, a town located about fifteen minutes’ drive from the family home.

Arrived at the agreed place and time, the masters of the canine however found no one. In fact, they had just fallen into a trap.

Returning home empty-handed, they were horrified to discover that it had been visited during their absence. We had taken advantage of their departure to break into their home and take away various valuables: jewelry, cameras and money in particular. Not to mention the property damage.

A terrible ordeal for Rachel Zacharias and Braden Fauchoux, but it was above all the fate of their 4-legged friend that worried them.

Then, on the morning another anonymous contact revealed.

They were sent a message whose author claimed not to be involved in the burglary and explained that he simply wanted to return their dog to them. Another meeting was given in Osler, 28 kilometers to the north.

This time, other people went there instead of the couple at the latter’s request. Chiko was indeed there, left in a transport cage at the indicated place. Safe and sound, the French Bulldog was brought back to his family, relieved.

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