They decided to lose weight after the wedding and this is what they look like today

Interessante Gerüchte

After the wedding, they made the decision to drop weight, and this is how they now appear.

There is a myth that spouses get quite sluggish after marriage and find it harder and harder to stay in shape.

It is even more challenging if the partners have similar culinary tastes.

Chantal and Grant, who are now married, were 130 and 172 kilos when they first met.

Even though they didn’t like the way they appeared, they preferred soft beverages and fast food above their appearance.

Their appearance was only ignored when the pair announced their engagement. They were heavier still.

Chantal had to dress in a 7XL. And after the wedding, they continued to exclusively eat fast food and takeout since they were too lazy to even leave the house.

The pair was in no hurry to find a solution because the issue was so large.

Chantal and Grant didn’t finally give it some thought and determined they had to adjust their lives until major health problems arose.

The infatuated couple made a dramatic decision. They had stomach surgery and started on the most restrictive diet.

They were able to reduce 122 kg between them in one year. Just an improbable outcome. And Chantal and Grant have further plans.

They are simply no longer recognizable. Additionally, the pair chose to do a fresh wedding photo shoot, where they are now

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