They laughed at her because of her excess weight: but the girl grew up and surprised everyone

Interessante Gerüchte

This is Joanna Joseph’s extraordinary success tale. The child experienced peer bullying when she was younger, and her weight served as fodder for jokes and derision.

The young woman then started to look after herself, made changes in her life, and entered several beauty pageants.

The old executioners are unable to recognize the girl because of how much she has changed.

Everyone poisoned Joanna when she was 13 years old and weighed more than 100 kilos.

She soon became the target of most jokes in her class. Joanna is an Indian-born Malaysian woman.

The young lady was always known for having a large appetite: „In one sitting, I could eat five portions of rice.

I was the largest child in kindergarten at age seven, weighing 60 kg.

Joanna experienced bullying at school from even the teachers, and the absence of adult supervision sent the youngster into a profound melancholy.

Parents also claimed that their daughter ate excessively and that instead of receiving assistance even at home, she was criticized. The girl made the decision to alter her life at the age of 16.

Joanna started exercising for two hours every night and switched to fruits and vegetables instead of bad food.

The bullying persisted even though the girl lost a lot of weight right away, dropping to 52 kg in just a few months.

. Joanna then finished in second place at the global beauty pageant that was hosted in India in 2018

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