They lost almost 200 kilos and how they managed to achieve the result

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They shed nearly 200 pounds, and describe how they did it.

We are frequently inspired by the tales of those who overcame obstacles and achieved their goals in every way imaginable.

This tale describes the nearly 200 kg that a husband and wife were able to shed.

Dustin was a rather tall boy at birth. He weighed 5 kg. Naturally, he was much taller than his peers in his school years.

They even made fun of him, saying he had trouble finding a girlfriend. But because he met Raquel, they were just misinformed in this case. She discussed with him her greatest passion, which is a love of eating. The weight was already off the scale when the crucial moment arrived.

The man’s weight was 242 kg, while his wife was 135 kg. They experienced many issues as a result of the extra weight, but the biggest one was that they were unable to produce a cub.

As a result, the pair underwent a crucial procedure to decrease the stomach. They also agreed to thoroughly review their nutrition.

On social media, lovers displayed their weight loss, which helped them attract a lot of followers.

The couple gave birth to a daughter once the weight started to stabilize. In order to help individuals who are also attempting to lose weight, they have also started their own food delivery program.

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