They seem to be ordinary twins but they are listed in the Guinness Book of Records

Positive Schwingungen

Chris and Maria already had two kids. And their request was decided by fate. Every parent experiences a dreadful shock.

In the 23rd week of her pregnancy, Maria had a standard checkup. It went smoothly, but then she gave birth too soon. The physicians advised him to expect the worst…

Mom recalls feeling something tightly grasp her stomach at that very moment. During the pregnancy, a certain event took place.

The possibility that they would lose their kids was something the parents mentally prepared for in advance. Four months earlier than expected, one of the girls was born at 24 weeks of pregnancy.

And that was the last of the birth. His sister’s birth was not urgent.

Joyful anticipation became a horror. Both of her daughters were almost in their mothers‘ wombs, with one of them in the intensive care unit.

In order to save her babies, the mom prayed for a miracle.

The mother’s heart prompted her to wait, even though the physicians advised ending the pregnancy.

Delivery was therefore planned for a roughly safe time, at 37 weeks. Katie was a healthy 2.5 kg when she was delivered.

The infant was placed in the incubator next to her sister after a few hours, and the doctor grinned as she did so.

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