They take heartfelt photos of their newborn twin’s short life to cherish them forever

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Future parents frequently imagine the day they will meet their child in their dreams.

For Ohio residents, Lindsay and Matthew Brentlinger, the delivery of healthy-appearing twins was a miracle they called “ really incredible.

„Doctors warned the Brentlingers that William, their unborn child, had cardiac issues and was probably stillborn throughout the pregnancy.

However, the couple was overjoyed to finally meet their lovely baby boy and daughter, Reagan, on December 17, 2016.

Lindsey and Matthew were overjoyed to have a child. On the other hand, they were well aware that William had heart issues and that his time in this world would be limited.“

I was overjoyed when they showed up and to hear that Will is doing well.

However, I was also concerned that I would lose him, the mother admitted in one of the interviews.

A friend of Brentlinger’s came up with the idea to assist preserve the priceless time the family shared together.

He phoned local photographer Lindsey Brown in an effort to arrange a last-minute shot.

Due to the impending holiday, Lindsey Brown Photography was quite busy.

But considering the situation, he didn’t think twice about going to the family house to snap some photos with his camera.


This chance for Lindsay and Matthew to embrace their kid and spend priceless moments as a family of four has been a tremendous blessing in their life.

William was only 11 days old when he tragically passed away on December 28.

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