The cutest story about “ the thinnest dog“ in the world that weighed 6.5 lbs and soon walks his owner down the aisle


This unique and sweet story is about the thinnest dog in the world and he will admire you for sure.

What’s the most beautiful part of this story is that the dog even walked his owner down the aisle at her wedding.

Butler says“ We were so excited to have our lovely dog with us during this beautiful wedding ceremony“.

The sweet dog used to live at the shelter and was looking like a skeleton.

This was the thinnest dog that they have ever seen in their life.

It used to weigh only 6.5 lbs, but the healthy state of the dog should be 22lbs.

The dog was so skinny that they have to wrap it in the towel to keep him warm.

The previous owners of the dog didn’t know how to take care and look after the dog.

This cutie is now in safe hands and we are happy to have him in our life.

It was so wonderful to see the dog during the wedding ceremony.

Just have a look at the cute pictures. Isn’t he lovely?

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