This 10 years old boy does everything impossible to make his dreams come true: let’s see the details

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A 10-year-old child tries everything inconceivable to fulfill his aspirations. The youngster, Michel, had an extremely rough upbringing and grew up by himself.

Sadly, his mother abandoned him. Following that, their home caught fire, making the young boy’s life more challenging.

The boy was then taken away from the mother and placed in a children’s home.

The infant’s legs had to afterward be amputated on both sides.

Michel was adopted by a loving family in St. Petersburg when he was two years old.

A fund was established for his recuperation thanks to the generosity of many individuals.

When he was 7 years old, a few years later, he started to get obsessed with skateboarding.

Ina Lallav, Michel’s adoptive mother, claimed that skating served as Michel’s mode of transportation.

The initial one they acquired was when he was a young child.

The young man soon began training with the city skateboarding organization.

She worked extremely hard and had a lot of willpower, so he entered numerous tournaments.

He took his favorite skateboard and his parents on a globe tour.

Every day, Michel travels three kilometers to the gym to work out.

He has lofty goals and is confident that they will be realized in the future.

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