This 17 years old girl who has animal problems is organizing an event to help animals in need


Even though Lali Imoberdof is underage, she already spends her free time planning a fundraising effort for an animal rescue organization.

In order to participate in a charity canicross, dogs and their owners will gather in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique) on Saturday, September 24.

Prior to meeting Roxy, a Eurasian dog, Lally and her brother Tom had a fear of dogs.

Their father makes the decision to get over his fear of dogs in order to demonstrate to the children what genuine canine love is.

Since then, she has developed a love for effective parenting and a close relationship with Roxy.

Lally is currently documenting her escapades with her devoted canine companion of two years on Instagram. The pair currently has more than 1,500 fans.

Lali, though, aspires to do more for the animals.

The teen thought about forming her own charity but ultimately made the decision to plan to fundraise for the spa.

Lali has benefited from a network of fans that the community has helped her build. She added that she planned the event using her expertise in organizing races.

The initiative taken by the young woman was a huge success. Registration is currently closed for all of these events.

Animals are the friend of people.


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