This 7 years old girl is considered the record holder in the 80 kg category

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Even though she is just 7, she can support a weight that is three times heavier on her head.

When she was just 5 years old, she went to her favorite sports practice.

She participated in gymnastics before weightlifting and achieved excellent grades in class.

Amazingly young athlete deadlifts 80 kg: The world’s strongest girl is only seven years old.

She possesses an amazing enthusiasm for sports, especially gymnastics, and, as her father claims, was destined to be a sportswoman from birth.

The young lady won the title of 30 kg U.S. Youth Weightlifting Champion for ages 11 to 13.

She puts a lot of effort into maintaining a strong body and mind.

The youngster works out for 4 hours of weightlifting and 9 hours of gymnastics each week.

Cavan van Ulft agrees with her father that Rory is the little champion among girls and boys who is the strongest.

He also asserts that his daughter is safe participating in the activity.

They frequently call a family doctor and a dietitian to attend to her. They say that the hard-working girl will have a successful life in her favorite spheres.

Power is not dependent, it is male or female. Power is the will of humans.

Believe in your power anyway.

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