This 96 years old lady continues to work 3 days a week for having purpose in life

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One of England’s longest-serving employees, Irene Astbury, thinks that some seniors‘ longevity may be due to working more hours.

In 1981, Irene and her husband founded a business called Pet Food Supplies Ltd.

After her husband passed away, Irene kept working there, providing services to the same families for decades.

She continues to work three days a week at the age of 96 and enjoys interacting with clients.

Irene used to work five days a week before the pandemic, but over three days she progressively cut back to 25.5 hours.

In order to fulfill her need to have a „purpose in life,“ she keeps working and handles responsibilities including determining prices, managing bills and managing staff.

Irene is a true source of inspiration for future generations and was named Cheshire Woman of the Year by a mystery shopper.

She is proud of her long years of hard work and enjoys the company of her clients, who have become loyal to the store over the decades.

Irene’s granddaughter, Gayle Parks, works alongside her grandmother every day and said she is proud of her grandmother’s work ethic and is happy that her four children could follow in her footsteps.

The Astbury family is proud of the bond they have forged with their customers over the years, who remember Irene when the store opened and now bring their children or grandchildren to see her.

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