This cat’s hideout attempt has the internet howling with laughter

Interessante Gerüchte

A photo of a cat hiding behind a roll of paper towel has tagged Twitter users. The feline’s attempt to hide caused general hilarity!

Hunters, contortionists, inveterate climbers, our favorite mustaches have many assets. The art of wandering in silence and spying on the sly is also part of their long list of skills.

A photo posted on Twitter on Sunday April 10, 2022 also reminds us that cats are masters of camouflage.

It must be said that our feline friends have always liked hiding places… although these are not necessarily the most appropriate.

The ball of fur belonging to a man named Dustin Growick, science professor at the New York Hall of Science and presenter of the series The Dinosaur Show with Dustin Growick on YouTube, revealed to Internet users his greatest talent!

In the photo, we can see the animal hidden behind a roll of paper towels.

Only its 2 front legs and its tail protrude from its makeshift shelter. Her pretty face and the rest of her body are perfectly concealed.

Its owner found this scene so funny that he wanted to immortalize it and shared it with his subscribers. To date, the post has been retweeted over 24,000 times and received 290,000 likes.

Twitter users who spotted the snap laughed heartily.

A myriad of comments emerged: “Who is this? I only see paper napkins”, laughed a surfer; “A cat pretending to be a paper towel roll will be my Halloween costume next year,” another joked.

As for the author of the photo, he simply indicated in the caption: “The master of disguise here. „

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