This couple amazed the audience with their excellent improve show: the two professional dancers

Positive Schwingungen

You’ll be dancing along with this joyful pair in no time, thanks to the song’s energetic and boisterous spirit. Bill Haley is the author of „Rock Around the Clock.“

This 1950s rock and roll song is the first to simultaneously top both the US and UK Pop Charts.

It was included in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and many people attribute rock and roll’s mainstream acceptance to its success.

The choice of that song by Sondre and Tanya for their performance was thus not surprising.

Their boogie-woogie movements fit this vintage rock ’n‘ roll song well. The duo goes into their trademark joyful, passionate dance moves to match the song’s upbeat speed.

They are jokingly moving in the appropriate manner to demonstrate this social dance.

It is obvious how passionately they perform. Some members of the audience are dancing.

You’ll feel like you need a break after watching them dance. The couple’s performance was equally moving and potent as the song.

Through their dance, the couple’s joy may be seen by the audience. They are very skilled communicators through dance.

Since 2015, the two dancers have collaborated on performances

They were motivated to travel and share their dancing adventures by a common enjoyment of the boogie.

An examination of their outstanding resume is the ideal technique to highlight their talents.

They have won a huge number of titles.

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