This Dog Watched Shelter Visitors For 2 Years Hoping To Be Loved And Adopted


Some dogs are forced to go through the “refuge” box and stay there far too long. This was the case of Janice, which nobody wanted.

The dog waited 2 years for families to finally deign to take an interest in her.

Janice was 7 years old when she walked through the doors of Columbiana County Dog Pound, an animal shelter based in Lisbon, Ohio (USA).

At the beginning of 2022, the volunteers posted a message on Facebook, in which they indicated that „the sweet girl“ was still looking for a match for her.

“This photo shows how happy the little things make her. A big soft bed, her bear and a kong with peanut butter,” the staff commented.

2 years of waiting and of hope, 2 years of watching the visitors go by as they left with other residents adopted by a loving family.

According to her benefactors, Janice “is very friendly with people. She’s picky with her dog friends and doesn’t like cats.

As the dog is no longer in the beautiful prime of life, many families have turned their backs on her and have preferred to take in younger pets.

“No other dog has ever spent as much time in our shelter as Janice,” lamented the association.

But the volunteers‘ recent advocacy paid off. The sweet face of their protege has lit up social networks… and several people would be ready to adopt it!

The cry from the heart of the volunteers was heard by hundreds of Internet users, who shared the publication en masse.

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