This footless guy is living proof that if you really want to do something, nothing can hold you back

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The Russian child, who is only 10, is an amazing skateboarder. He only uses his arms and hands, which is a very amazing feat.

When Max suffered an accident brought on by incompetence, he was just 6 months old. He lost his feet.

Max discovered as a child that a skateboard made to get around much easier. But he didn’t understand he wanted to become a professional until he unintentionally landed in a skate park.

Max’s mother then matched him with Pavel Mushkin, a trainer who always encourages Max to step outside his comfort place and attempt new things. She taught Max how to perform challenging tricks. His talent has grown to the point where Tony Hawk, a famed skateboarder, has recently noticed him!

Hawk referred to the young man as his „new favorite wonderful skateboarder“ after posting a video of Max’s practicing at a skate park on Instagram in September. Astonished at what he could do on a skateboard, the scream brought Max thousands of new fans on the social media network.

We have faith in his ability to succeed, given his enthusiasm and tenacity. And we have no doubts whatsoever that he will prevail.

His will is unbreakable. Have great will, you will reach everything in the world.


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