This amazing girl was born without arms but she can live life to the fullest despite her uniqueness

Interessante Gerüchte

Inga’s parents abandoned her in the maternity ward 20 years ago, since she was born without upper limbs.

The girl was adopted by an American family from Pennsylvania when she was 2,5 years old.

Daniel and Jennifer Petri made every effort that Inga had a joyful and safe childhood.

Her parents helped her to use feet instead of her hands. Inga progressively developed coping skills.

At first, she used a fork, then a toothbrush, makeup brushes, keyboard of the computer.

In addition, she was written, played the cello, and can even drive a car.

Inga acknowledges that using prosthetics would not be particularly convenient for her; it is much more convenient for her to carry out all tasks with her feet.

The child is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer while attending school in the state of Atlanta.

Inga is also quite kind and outgoing, she has many of friends, and she even has a great personality.

He always stands by his loved one and accepts her for who she is in every manner. Inga progressively developed coping skills.

Despite the adoptive parents‘ past efforts to track down her daughter’s biological mother, she does not want to recall her real parents.

According to Inga, her true family lives in the US; they are the ones who reared her and did everything possible to ensure her happiness.

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