This girl’s future husband is blind and what she showed at her wedding will undoubtedly surprise you

Interessante Gerüchte

The specific features made it easier for the man to „feel“ his love for her. Anthony Ferraro and Kelly Ann first met that year.

When Kelly Ann’s friends asked the blind Paralympian to a beach party when she was traveling back from a match of judo in Tokyo, Ann accepted.

The movie, which follows a blind man’s harrowing journey to a sporting career, had a profound impact on Kelly Ann.

A romantic relationship between the two of them started, and it ended with a marriage proposal.

Early in October, Kelly Ann and Anthony were united in marriage. The bride had spent months getting ready for the wedding.

She desired for the groom to be able to „see“ the appearance of her hands. She captured these poignant moments during the wedding.

The girl had earlier written Anthony a letter in Braille expressing her love for him.

Security was provided for the groom by Kelly Ann. The event was held outside beneath the tent, with strong metal rods holding up the dome.

The bride was sure they were bubbled wrapped and embellished with floral arrangements. Anthony was less hurt himself by striking the metal as a result of this.

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