This grandmother celebrated her 107th birthday and shared the secret to her longevity

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On December 8, 2022, Mrs. Grace LePane celebrated her 107th birthday. Granny Grace is full of life. She spent a good part of her life in New York, and at 66 she moved to Oviedo.

Furthermore, she decided to move there because her family always went there on

vacation when she was a child. Being an active and cheerful woman, however, her life was not happy all the time.

The woman was faced with a big depression because she had two losses, first, it was her little boy and then, her husband.

According to Grace, she managed to get through it thanks to her optimism. Mrs. LePane adores her family, her children, and her grandchildren who love and respect her.

When asked about her favorite interests, she jokes that she doesn’t like to do anything. However, her family disagrees.

Their grandma handles chores, cooks, and likes to have fun with her grandchildren.

On his 107th birthday, several relatives arrived from different cities in the United States to celebrate this precious day together.

“I am so happy to have all my loved ones here,” the woman said. When relatives ask her the secret of her longevity, the woman replies that she has a long life, because her family is always with her.

And to live a long life, you also have to be always in a good mood. According to her family, she laughs very often and her humor helps her stay young.

“Kindness, gratitude, and joy, that’s what is important for a person”, repeats Grace LePane.

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